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Music Therapy Songs #2 "Tinsagu nu Hana"

This is the traditional song from Okinawa, Japan, and is titled “Tinsag nu Hana”. I love Okinawan music, culture and its beautiful nature and have been using Okinawan songs and the Okinawan scale in my music therapy improvisations. On this occasion, I’ve been so fortunate to be able to collaborate with an Okinawan Sanshin player/singer, HoKumiko紅美子!


This video shows highlights of our “interaction through instruments” activities online. It reveals how much fun can be had through online interaction, using only a pair of chopsticks! This activity aims to promote communication skills - turn taking and expressive sharing; as well as to develop and enhance free communication, without boundaries and rules. The activity also helps build rapport and enhance creativity!

Tele Ukulele

This is the first trial of our Tele ukulele duo. The song is called “Inochi no Namae (The Name of Life)” from the Ghibli film “Spirited Away”. Hope you will enjoy🎶

Kazumi sings "SONG FOR LEXI"

Kazumi’s class at preschool has been sharing the duties of looking after a soft toy ladybug. Her name is Lexi. Each student takes Lexi home for a week. Kazumi really enjoyed the time she spent with Lexi, when it was her turn. So, Kazumi and her music therapist decided to make a song for Lexi! Many of our clients enjoy song-writing. In the process of writing, they can explore their thoughts and feelings, and the activity can promote natural conversation with the therapist. The clients’ creative and communication skills naturally improve, and once the songs have been written, it’s exciting for clients to perform their own songs!

Musical Between - Pennant Hills Centre Open Day

We hope you enjoy the video of our Open Day, which was held on 5th August 2018 at Musical Between - Pennant Hills Centre. The first half of the video shows our Community Band performing, to open the day. The second half of the video includes demonstrations of music therapy sessions, our various community activities and piano student performances.

TeleHawaian "Pahoho"

This is our first Hawaiian online collaboration. The song is called “Pahoho”, which is a Hawaiian word to describe the sound that occurs when ocean waves crash over each other. The song is about a girl who experienced an unrequited love, and became a beautiful flower with only half its petals after death. We hope you enjoy this collaboration of ukulele playing and hula dance♪

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