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Our Art-based Community Program caters for everyone regardless of disability, illness, age, gender, and/or culture. It aims to connect individuals with their community through common interest in creative and artistic activities. This is our contribution to the community.

The program includes Community Band "The Between" & various creative art workshops.  

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Theories behind community sessions...

"How music therapy works in individual to community sessions?"

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Differentiated self and Integrated self

on an individual-communal continuum

Have a look at the right poster. Differentiation and Inner Integration are concepts drawn from flow theory, and Social Integration is derived from social psychology. Differentiation is a movement towards a sense of uniqueness - “I want to be different from others, as a unique person.” Social Integration is a movement towards a sense of unity through social interaction - "I want to be the same as others and belong to society. I'm a member of a community!" Inner integration is about inner harmony - “I want to feel united with myself and the world in my mind”. According to Csikszentmihalyi devised Flow theory, differentiation and integration are fundamental human needs in order to grow one's self. However, social psychologists point out that there is "tension" exist between these countervailing human needs. We believe that musical flow will allow these opposing needs to be fulfilled at the same time.

At Musical Between, we provide individual, group, and community music therapy in order to meet each person’s different needs with regard to differentiation and integration, and to respond to these changing needs, with time, as they develop.

"How can Individuals and Ecology be related?"

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"How can Individuals and  cultures be related?"

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